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Sterling Silver 'Single Bloom' Ballstud Earrings with April Birthstones Image
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Classic in their simplicity, the single ‘forget-me-not’ blooms are cast in solid sterling silver.The 'Single Blooms' are hand polished to a shiny, silver lustre. Each bloom hangs from sterling silver ballstuds that are secured with sterling silver butterflies or eurobacks.

Sterling Silver ' Single Bloom ' & ballstuds $ 125. Cdn.( featured )
gemstone / birthmonth
Sterling Silver ' Single Bloom ' & eurobacks $ 145. Cdn.
gemstone / birthmonth
* please be sure to specify your birthstone or gemstone when ordering.
Set a gemstone ‘within the star’ of each Single Bloom to symbolize your loved one. The gems shown are synthetic. If you wish genuine stones, please request a quote....also available with eurobacks... see gold 'single bloom' euroback earrings  
To purchase the silver 'Single Blossom' Earrings without using PayPal, please contact us by e-mail or phone at Rubyblue Jewellery and use the reference code EAR22S.

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* The jewelry in the 'Forget-Me-Not' Collection all feature synthetic gemstones and are priced accordingly...

If you would prefer to have your jewelry set with a genuine gemstone, please call or e-mail for a quote.

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