Rubyblue Jewelry is hand crafted from a variety of the finest gemstones and precious metals. The jewelry is intended to be worn and cherished ... & each 'jewelled work of art' is intended to be passed along throughout the generations.

The custom jewelry order process is a simple and gratifying way to fulfill your dream of having a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that reflects your personality, style, or a way of cherishing sentiments in a way that can be enjoyed everyday. I will work with you, one on one, to create the custom jewelry that you envision.

If you have a seen a piece of jewelry that intrigued you ... if an idea has been on your mind forever but you cannot find quite what you have in mind ... if one of my pieces tugged at your heartstrings but has already sold ... if you have sentimental, inherited jewelry but the style doesn't suit you ...

then a Custom Jewelry Design can fulfill your desires!

Commissioning 'One-of-a-Kind' Custom Jewelry begins with IDEAS ...

Contacting Rubyblue Jewelry with an e-mail (contact us) or phone call (905-835-0999) is the beginning. We will discuss the type of jewelry you have in mind (ring, earrings, necklace, brooch or bracelet), the gemstones you wish to incorporate (perhaps even those that are in an unused item of jewelry already in your possession), and the metal(s) you envision your new piece of jewelry to be fabricated from. I will also seek some suggestions regarding your personal style ... natural & organic (art nouveau), geometric & modern (art deco) , avant garde, nostalgic, eclectic, ... and the colours of your preferred wardrobe ... warm, cool, soft, whimsical, or those that are bold with 'shock value'?.

Is there already a specific style of jewelry or design you have in mind? I may very well be able to create a close replication for you! Please keep in mind that I am a classically trained goldsmith and custom jeweller. My jewelry is hand fabricated not replicated by any machinery, therefore there may be subtle differences from the design or very slight variations in a case where I am commissioned to re-create one of my items.

From your ideas and our discussions I will create drawings of proposed items of jewelry for you to critique ... (I find e-mailing scanned renderings works very well !) We will discuss (by phone or e-mail), all of your preferences, likes and dislikes in regards to the proposed designs or any new inspirations until we create the design for the perfect piece of jewelry that you have envisioned. For an idea of what to expect from design renderings, please click on the following Trilliant Peridot Pendant Image

Trilliant Peridot Pendant Rendering Image

Once you are comfortable (or enraptured) with a design, I will compile and send you estimates for the price to create the jewelry and for the expected delivery date. I am happy to provide you with quotes and estimates at no charge. If after you have received the estimates you desire to continue, please e-mail (contact us) or call (905-835-0999) to place your order. Rubyblue Jewelry will require a 50% deposit before beginning work on your commissioned jewelry. We accept payment in the form of personal cheque or money order (a fee of $25.00 will be charged for cheques that returned for insufficient funds). Please mail payments to :

P.O. Box 172
Port Colborne, ON
L3K 5V8

Please note: Jewelry that is created as a special order or custom design is considered ordered on a commission basis, and not returnable. It is Rubyblue Jewellery's professional responsibility and guarantee that the delivered jewelry will match the final design you approved, including metals, stones and dimensions. (please note that all hand made jewelry may differ slightly due to the nature of the art and minor intrinsic variations in materials ie : stone shapes and depths).

Rubyblue Jewelry will now begin to actually create your custom, one-of-a-kind jewelry! On occassion the piece will require a wax model (for casting) to be carved first . When the model is complete I will ship it to you for approval. At this point we can still make any modifications or 'fine tune' it to your desire. Upon completion of the jewelry the outstanding balance (plus shipping, insurance fees & applicable taxes) is due. Once we have received your payment of the balance we will ship your jewelry!


It is now yours to wear & enjoy, giving a sparkle to life everyday!

Rubyblue Jewelry Diamond Logo Image
Rubyblue Jewellery Custom Designed Jewelry Image

Custom Designed Rubyblue Jewelry Image

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